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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How to Setup Google Adsense Account?

1.Before you apply for an Adsense Account, please make sure that you have a suitable website with enough content that has never been applied for Adsense before.

2.In term of aptness, your site should be free from porn information and adult content. Apart from that, you site should not be made solely for displaying adsense ads. Your site should not be content-free.

3. Then, go to Google Adsense Signup page: www.google.com/adsense and start applying in Adsense. Provide your information including mailing address, your site URL etc. For those who want to receive cheque, you can change your mailing address anytime. Afterwards, Google need to review your site and decide your site whether is suitable for putting adsense or not. Normally, it only takes you 2-3days.

However, for certain occasions, it will take as long as 10 days. Just be patient, and wait for that period. However, some people still say they do not revive any reply from Google after a week. Never mind, email them for such situation. They are welcome for all email enquiries…………..