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Monday, July 30, 2007

Adsense Money Formula

The only AdSense formula that you need to know is this:

Earnings = number of clicks * average price per click

This is what I call the Fundamental AdSense Formula because you can derive almost every AdSense "secret" directly or indirectly from this formula. Do you want to earn more with AdSense? You have two ways of doing it:

1. Increase the number of clicks, and/or

2. Increase the average price per click

Your earnings will only go up if you do one or the other, and ideally both. It's an obvious formula, yes, but it's amazing how many people lose sight of it in their quest for increased AdSense

Increasing the Number of AdSense Clicks
Increasing the number of times the ads on your site or blog are clicked is the most obvious strategy. There are two general strategies you can follow:

1. Increase the traffic to the site, and/or

2. Adjust the ads to make them more "clickable"

Increasing the Average AdSense Price Per Click

Increasing the average price per click you receive from AdSense is the other strategy for increasing your overall AdSense earnings. You can do this by:

1. Carefully targeting your content, and/or

2. Filtering out and avoiding low-paying ads


Tips To Make Adsense Money

1. When placing adblocks, consider choosing flashing color schemes so repeat visitors to certain pages will see a different ad appearance on repeat visits. This might help improve ad blindness.
2. Match your ad style to your page style sheet.
3. Keep an open mind and keep trying different things- sometimes even if you think you are doing well you can still do better - colors - layouts - positioning - ad types etc.
4. Regular updating of site with fresh content.
5. Regular website or blog promotion.
6. Don’t play with the adsense code.
7. Put keyword relevant images above or beside your ads, so they are lined up properly.
8. Split long pages into several smaller pages with one ad block on each page. Optimize for slightly different keywords (within subject) on pages.


Want to Cheat Adsense?

Thinking to cheat AdSense? I suggest You Just STOP Thinking of That.
It will never bring you anywhere. You might pull it off with smaller ads network, but definitely not with Google. Here are some detection methods they might use
IP address
If the AdSense click is originated from the same IP Address as the one used for accessing your AdSense account, your account will be banned.

Most home users do not use static IP Address for Internet connection. In most cases just disconnect and reconnect will give you a new IP Address. But don’t forget, Google has set cookies on your computer.